Tips And Tricks For Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrel Proof Bird FeederIf you are having problems with squirrels eating the food out of your bird feeders, you will find these tips are very useful. Squirrel thieves are a common problem and this has been the case for a very long time.

The reason for the problem lies with the manufacturers and retailers of bird feeders. The majority of the millions of bird feeders sold nation wide are completely inadequate at providing even the basics as far as stopping squirrels from stealing the bird food from the feeder goes. I guess it may be because they would prefer you come back for a new feeder every few weeks.

The designs of these bird feeders do not deter squirrels from steeling the food, and there is no warning from the manufacturers that squirrels will not only steel the bird food, but may also even destroy the bird feeder.

The first tip is to always place your new bird feeder in a position that is far enough away from all bushes, trees and buildings as well as overhangs so that it cannot be reached by squirrels. This will prevent the squirrels from jumping directly onto your bird feeder in order to steal from it. Although this is not a bird feeder that is squirrel proof, it will help to stop the squirrels.

Due to their strength and acrobatic ability, squirrels are able to easily make a jump of 8 feet or more at any height. Since these animals are able to jump very high in a vertical direction as well, it is important to make sure that you place your new bird feeder at least six feet above the ground.

There are a few other tactics you can put into practice before you invest in a bird feeder that is completely protected from squirrels and you might like to try these immediately. Although these techniques may not always be effective they will at the very least help to discourage visiting squirrels from getting onto your bird feeder.

Moving all of your bird feeders onto a high pole mount which is situated away from all other objects that squirrels could use to launch from in order to jump onto a feeder. The next step is to fit a squirrel baffle to the pole on which your bird feeder is placed, in order to stop them from climbing the pole.

In addition to this you can add a squirrel proof attachment to the feeder to prevent squirrels from getting to the bird feed; this will depend on the type of feeder you are already using. If there isn’t one available for your bird feeder, or you can’t find one that works, you might need to consider getting a squirrel proof feeder as a final resort.

The good news is that instead of attempting to install add-ons to your existing bird feeders, buying the purpose built squirrel proof bird feeder will give you a lot more success.

Although you may feel that the extra cost of a well designed and effective squirrel proof feeder is too much of an outlay, it is important to take into account that the extra cost is justified by the more complicated design and the fact that it is able to withstand the daily squirrel attacks. The manufacturing process is of course going to be more expensive because of this.

In addition, if you are looking at the return on your investment, you will find that the amount of money you save on bird food that would have been stolen by squirrels, along with the costs of replacing feeders destroyed by squirrels, will more than make up for the extra cost of the specially designed feeder. In addition to the money saved, the time and hassle saved will be more than worth the investment.

So, before you buy a new bird feeder, consider investing in a specifically designed squirrel proof bird feeder as it is really the only way to completely guarantee that the birds will get all of the food you put out for them.

Weight Loss Habits for Busy People

Best Vegetables To EatMany people are sometimes too preoccupied with work and household chores that they fail to earmark time for eating healthy and exercising.  Losing weight has always been a problem for busy people and it can be very hard to squeeze in time-consuming weight loss routines on top of their many obligations.

If you want to lose weight, but you barely have enough time to religiously maintain a weight loss plan, then you have come to the right place.  Here are things that you can consider to help you carefully select what you eat and shed some of the pounds off as part of a healthy weight loss for women and men.

Take short breaks and move about.  Prolonged sitting or maintaining one position for a long time can cause you to develop varicosities and blood clots on the legs.  To counter this, you should periodically shift positions, stretch and move about, which you can do in one tiny area.  This is one simple habit that you can practice multiple times a day.  Pacing around and stretching in between your work or household chores for as little as 5 minutes each time can really do wonders for your posture, circulation, and it can certainly burn calories as well.

Plan your meals and keep them healthy.  Another thing that you can do to lose weight is to plan and prepare your meals ahead of time.  Bad food choices can easily make you bloat and pack on fats on your problem areas.  You can avoid junk food by preparing healthy meals during one of your days off or free time.  This will prevent you from grabbing unhealthy and empty calorie-laden foods when you are really in a hurry. Include some of these best vegetables to eat in your meals: bell peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, green beans, spaghetti squash, brussels sprouts, and spinach.

Wake up earlier than usual and get enough sleep.  Waking up early allows you to move about more than you usually do.  You can even make time at the beginning or the end of the day to incorporate light exercise routines to keep your body in shape.  It may take some getting used to for some people, but this is a really good habit to develop to regulate your mood and generally finish more work than you usually do.  Choose exercise routines that are initially non-weight bearing and as time goes by you can eventually use some weights to shed more pounds off as you go along your exercise program.

Increase water intake and eat small in-between meals.  Drink plenty of water to replace the fluid lost during your ordinary work as well as during exercise.  Water is an essential part of your weight loss and it also makes one feel full a lot longer and this will prevent you from snacking more than you intend to.  When you feel hungry, you can certainly take small snacks to keep your energy up and to prevent you from over eating on your next meal of the day.  Other benefits that drinking plenty of fluids can give you are regulated body temperature and moisturized skin.

These are some of the tips that busy people can do to lose weight and generally feel good.  Losing weight entails getting enough exercise, eating the right kinds of food daily, and living a high quality life and practicing these simple habits will help you achieve just that.

How To Draw A Man To You

timthumb (2)There are women who are so eager to be in a relationship or to have a relationship going on that they will do anything to be in one.

Because of this, every man that comes their way or they date is considered Mr. Right.

In most cases, this leads to compromise on their part. Be it they do not agree on the most fundamental things, have very little in common or there is no chemistry between them, they will still persist and will try to turn an incompatible relation into a relationship.

This basically portrays a sense of weakness and fear on their part; a fear that there is no man out there who is willing to pursue them. They usually see themselves as people unable to live fulfilled and happy lives. As such, they seek a man, just any man who will complete them at any cost.

Women pursue the wrong type of man for all the wrong reasons.

The ability with how to get a boyfriend and to make him interested in you will wholly depend on attitude. Your attitude will determine how people see you. As a woman, you possess the power to make almost any man want you, to make him see you as a special, unique person worthy of his attention and time. All you will need to understand is how a man views you for him to consider you a person who is real and cool.

To accomplish this, you will have to:

1. Avoid being too empathetic

A common mistake many women do is that they try so hard to love a man in a way that he wants to be loved. Yes, men want to be loved in a way that they feel loved. However, it is important to understand that men do not experience that feeling of love as women do. So if you are trying to love him in a way that you would want to be loved, he will only perceive it as radio static or white noise. What you need to do is to learn what men want in a woman for them to feel that she understands them. Not all men what the same thing. So you will need to find out what the mad you are dating wants and help to provide that.

2. Do not expect him to verbally express himself all the time

Another mistake women make is expecting the man to be verbally expressive especially when it comes to their feelings and matters of the relationship. Men are quite different to women and usually do not consider talking as the biggest task in building a relation. To them, it is mostly about the experience rather than the words that will matter most. For a greater part, men will talk to have something achieved or a goal reached.

As men are goal oriented, everything and anything a man will say or do is for the purpose of furthering him to achieve his goals. To a man, talking is just a means to passing time or an end in itself and is usually considered a waste of time. To men, life is seen in terms of losing and winning. They do not look at life in abstract. As such, they will not spend too much of their time just sitting there thinking about a relationship or relationships.

Men think in the lines of failure and success. Everything they say or do is to either get a step closer to success or for the purpose of avoiding failure.

3. Accept the fact that men do not express their love as women do

Forget what you see on TV or in the movies. In reality, it is only a very small percentage of men who are capable of coming up with beautiful poetic words at just the right moment to confess how strong their love for you is.

Often, women miss the telltale signs that prove a man’s love for them. Why? Because many of them do not know these signs. Once you have understood how a man experiences and expresses his love for you, only then will you be able to tell, without a doubt, the he really loves and cares for you.

4. Men want to be accepted and appreciated as men

Every so often, men are treated as a different class of woman who needs some schooling on how to express or feel as a woman should. And because men are not as emotionally expressive and incontinent, women think of it as a signal that they do not love them; becoming discontented and angry at them. This then makes the men feel like failures in their efforts to prove their love for them and eventually, they retreat and with time, give up. It is important that you learn and understand how to connect with your man as the man he is. This will call for you to know the secret behind who men are and how they work.

5. Stop rewarding irresponsible behavior

The interesting thing is that many women reward bad behavior without them realizing it. For example, many women will start working harder to please a man when they feel that he is losing interest or withdrawing in the effort to win/pull him back to her. As time passes by, he will stop trying to even please you because he knows that there is no need to make an effort towards you as you have made him the epicenter of your world.

6. Stop punishing right behavior

What does this mean? A good example is not accepting his compliments kindly.

Many ladies make the mistake of brushing them aside claiming they are either undeserved or untrue. The flip side of this is that men hate it, a lot. In most cases, a man will pay a woman a compliment out of the genuine desire to please and make her happy. But having it thrown back at them is extremely painful and perplexing to them.

Doing this is punishing a man for behaving well and how he is supposed to and makes things harder while lowering his chances of ever repeating the same again. If you want a man to start doing more for you, it is important that you understand him and pushes him to do what he does.

The best part of learning this is that your man will treat you how you desire to be treated and will give him the chance to feel like he’s the man for coming up with the idea.

7. Teach your man how to treat you how you want to be treated

Many ladies think that a man just does what he just knows to do. The truth is, men are awful at understanding women. One thing you have to accept is that men do not possess the ability to read minds. However, they are very good at following specific instructions and directions that will or may result in them becoming victorious.

The secret to transforming your man into the kind of man you want is by teaching/telling him what it is you want and how good it makes you feel when he gives it to you.

Any man will be more than willing to oblige. Why? Because above all things, all a man wants is to please and make you happy.

However, he will need help, your help, if he is to get things right.

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Tips To Help You With Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can affect anyone, no matter what age they are. They do not discriminate. If people do not know the necessary methods to help them cope, they often have to live with the bad effects of an anxiety attack for way too long. So help yourself to the knowledge here. It will give you insights to end your incapacitating attacks for good.

When you begin to feel anxious at the start of an attack, try listening to music. It can be a powerful antidote to your anxiety and help you calm down. When listening, pick songs that can be played softly, lie back and focus quietly on the music and the lyrics. You will be pleased to find that by focusing your mind on something other than the anxiety symptoms, your body will begin to the release the tension and relax.

Often going to see a therapist or counselor can be helpful if you are having panic attacks. It is their job to work with you and help you to feel better. Sometimes, if you just know that there is someone who is willing and ready to help you, you will be encouraged. This can play a big role in helping you make the decision to take care of your problems.

If you feel yourself beginning to become scared when you are having a panic attack, check out your surroundings and really think about whether you are in any immediate danger. Is there someone or something nearby who might hurt you? Chances are, there isn’t and you would say no. If you can believe that, and calm down, you can often feel the anxiety melting away.

Give yourself permission to feel your feelings when you are having an attack. Don’t try to block them. Know that they are your feelings, even if they are painful. They will soon pass because they are not permanent. If you struggle to end the panic attack, you will most likely be more stressed and end up being even more upset. The best way to handle the anxiety is to think positive thoughts and try to stay calm.

People who suffer from panic attacks should try to remember that you need to try to stay aware of what is happening around you during an attack. That way you can reassure yourself that you are just having a panic attack because your nervous system has been over-stimulated. You are not in any danger. Often, you will be able to get through the attack more quickly if you can remember this. Panic attacks are awful and this advice is not intended to minimize the pain, but if you can accept thinking this way, it will help take away at little of your panic.

It is important that you regularly note the amount of anxiety you are experiencing. If you don’t pay attention to your stress, you will have more panic attacks because you need to stop the attack before it progresses to unbearable. If you are more aware of your feelings, it will be easier to get control of the situation as soon as possible and this will be very good for you and panic away now will help reduce further panic attacks.

During the attack, try to breathe slowly, taking deep breaths as the attack goes on. Breathing deeply will help your body in a number ways so that you can overcome your attack. Because your mind is refocused, your pulse and blood pressure will go down, the circulation of your blood will increase and you will feel the tension reducing as it leaves your body.

It is very important to find the root cause of your panic attacks. Perhaps you are feeling upset about something that was done to you or you are concerned about speaking with the person about the situation. That could trigger an anxiety attack. If you can talk about your feelings in a healthy and useful way, you may not get so overwhelmed that a panic attack is triggered.

As noted above, panic attacks happen to many different types of people. But, like a lot of other conditions, they won’t go away if you don’t take some kind of action to keep them away. Use the tips presented in your article to help control the anxiety attacks and don’t let them have control over you.

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Six Tips To Get A Great Haircut

IMG_0119IMG_0119Pete's New York BarberHaving the right barber style your hair can give you the self-confidence that comes with knowing that you look your best. It can take some effort to find the right barber, but the results will be worth the effort. Just like with any good relationship, good communication with your barber is the key to getting a great haircut. Before your barber begins to cut your hair, you should discuss what you’re looking for — the best haircut to suit your lifestyle and your image. Here are six more tips on how to get yourself a great haircut.

Do I Need a Matchmaker?
Looking for a great barber in Largo can be similar to looking for your next girlfriend — you want someone who is compatible, who is the right fit. Ask your friends which barber they go to, and ask anyone who has a great haircut. Have you seen a barbershop around town that has piqued your interest? Phone them and ask if they will give the kind of haircut that matches the style you are interested in. Is their style classic, modern, or any sort of niche?

Don’t Be Shy
You can try calling or swinging by Pete’s New Your Barber in Largo to ask if the barbers will give you a free consultation before you set an appointment to get your hair cut. That way you can find out what kinds of haircuts they are good at. Do they specialize in haircuts for men, women, and children? Do they know a particular style or image that they usually cut hair in, or are they versatile and flexible?

The Fuss Factor
Tell the barber how much time you spend grooming your hair. Are you fussy, or do you run a comb through your hair quickly during your morning routine before you head out the door? Do you use a blow-dryer, or gel or other hair products?

Wow, My Hair Can Do That?
Have the barber show you the best way to style your hair. Are there particular products to use in your hair, or a way to use the hairdryer? Ask for an explanation if the barber doesn’t explain what he or she is doing, or uses a term that you aren’t familiar with. Understanding will help you to have great style every day, not just the day you got your hair cut.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words. . . 
Bring along a picture to get the ball rolling in discussing the style you want. The barber will be able to assess how it suits the shape of your face and the image you want to show. The barber might also be able to suggest an alternative if the picture you brought isn’t the best cut to fit you.

Money Makes The World Go Round. . .
Tip your barber appropriately, and you’ll ensure you get a great cut and great service next time you come in. You are cultivating an important relationship, after all! Tipping 15-20% for your hair cut is appropriate, and you should also tip $5 for the person who washes your hair, if that is someone other than your barber.

Using Homeopathic Herbs To Treat Painful Gout

Gout is caused when uric acid levels in the body build up to form crystals that surround the joint area.  The buildup causes stiffness and pain in the joints.  Attacks of gout can be extremely painful and it is for this reason that practitioners in the field have developed alternative methods of treatment for the condition.

Many people look to homeopathic treatment methods because it is natural and does not make use of surgical procedures.  It has been proven effective in gout treatment in the early stages of the condition as well as offering whole body healing.

Practitioners that make use of homeopathic treatments generally work with a single treatment method at any given time.  This allows them to determine the best method for the particular patient.  Although this is a time consuming way of dealing with a painful condition, it does offer the patient a personalized treatment option.

Treatment generally commences with the patient being asked to take small doses of the medication for a set time period.  The patient will be instructed to continue on the stated dosage for a time that is dependent on the success of the treatment.  In the event that the specified treatment is unsuccessful or not indicating adequate relief from the condition, the homeopath may consider terminating the method and commencing another.

Some of the more common herbs used to treat gout are:

Bryonia is used in the treatment of pain and sensitivity in the affected area.  The affected area will normally be quite sensitive to touch and walking can become difficult.  This herb will aid in relieving some of these problems.

Colchicum is normally used if the patient is suffering with pain in the foot, particularly the heel and toe sections.  Treatment with this particular herb has proven to be effective for pain in the big toe when it becomes red, swollen and tender.

There are several other herbs that can be used for the homeopathic treatment of gout, which will aid in the relief of pain, swelling and tenderness.  Patients who suffer from stiff, painful, swollen joints may be offered Rhus Toxicodendron by their physician.  It is important that the patient not avoid the use of the affected joint.  If it is too painful to use the affected joint, it should at least be moved on a regular basis.

It is inadvisable to commence your own homeopathic treatment of gout pain.  To ensure that you obtain the best results, you should discuss your particular problem with a licensed, experienced homeopath and start a good gout diet to prevent attacks.

Take time to read Cure Gout Now Review to learn more some of the best methods to prevent gout attacks.

Getting Through The Terrible Twos

When it comes to raising a child, you need to be sure that you are able to make sure that you’re able to teach them the things that come with developing and making sure that you’re able to impart upon to them the important factors of life. This happens in a variety of stages, with one of the first noteworthy stages being the terrible twos.

The terrible twos is the age that children, according to many parents, begin acting out and throwing tantrums. They are developing their personalities and can be hard to manage during this age, and many people have given plenty of advice for parents on how to deal with the terrible twos.

Parents to survive you should learn to manage terrible twos behavior from the very beginning.

Doctors realize that this is a very popularly spread thought, but is not backed up by any medical research. Many modern parents however, understand this age and continuously are looking for ways to help their children through it, because even thought medical research doesn’t back it, many parents have testimonials in that regard.

One of the many reasons that toddlers begin to act out is that they are learning how to talk, but are too young to realize the actions or consequences behind their words.

In order to make sure that your child is able to get the help that they need, you should be sure that your child is able to get the necessary amount of sleep that they need. Children of this age should be able to get 13 hours of sleep overall, to include 11 hours of sleep throughout the night, and 2 hours worth of naps during the day.

This will help you prevent them from being tired and cranky throughout the day, so that they can be happy and healthy. Also, getting plenty of sleep will allow them to grow big and strong, so that they are able to live happy and productive lives as an adult.

This is the age in which you also need to begin instilling boundaries and discipline. Your children are more aware and are able to communicate with you now, so you need to instill rules and make sure that they follow them. You can also begin including your child in the household chores, so that they can learn that the wonderful home in which they live did not get that way by accident, but with diligent and continuous effort by the people who live inside.

Most kids this age love helping mommy and daddy, and don’t see it as something that they HAVE to do, in the way that a teenager might. Take advantage of this time by teaching your children good habits and making sure that they are able to participate in the betterment of the household. This is something that will carry them far and also teach them responsibility.

Learn to use positive reinforcement instead of always being negative with them.

Bottom line, the terrible twos are what you make it, and you can help your child become productive and smart during this stage, so that they are no worse for the wear as they grow older.

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Ways To Improve Your Eyesight Fast And Naturally

Our eyes are among are the most valuable organs that we have.  We definitely should be doing everything we possibly can to take good care of them.  In today’s world, however, it can be hard to find enough time to properly care for our eyes.  However, did you know there are ways of improving your eyesight without glasses or contacts?  Have you tried proper nutrition or eye exercises to help improve your eye sight?

Continue reading to discover some very simple things that you can do each day to help restore natural clear vision quickly and naturally.

Eat Right For Your Eyes

You might have heard this a thousand times before, however it is very important that you eat right.  Having a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits will help to improve your eyesight as well as help to prevent it from deteriorating.  Consuming the right vitamins is also very important for supporting eye health.  Minerals and vitamins such as Vitamins A, C and E, all help with keeping your eyes healthy.

Antioxidants are another very good source of nutrients for maintaining healthy eyes.  Remember how you have been told that eating carrots is good for your eyes?  If you’re not sure you are getting all the right vitamins in the right quantities, consider taking a multi-vitamin or supplement.

We actually recommend 17 different vitamins that you should be taking in support of your eyesight in our program Rebuild Your Vision.  Taking vitamins will not correct your vision completely.  However, they still play a very important role in your eyes overall health.

Give Your Eyes Plenty Of Rest

One of the important benefits you get from taking breaks throughout your work day and getting enough sleep is that these activities support your eye health.  Although you should not sleep on the job, it’s very important that you rest your eyes from time to time.  If you spend all day working at the computer, your eyes most likely are subject to lots of strain.  Give your eye a break for approximately 10 minutes for each 50 minutes you spend in front of a computer screen.  Just close your eyes and walk around for a minute or so.  Close your eyes.  Focus on something other than a computer screen.

Another way to rest your eyes is to follow the 10-10-10 rule.  What this entails is for 10 seconds look at something that is 10 feet away for each 10 minutes spent working at the computer.

Another thing that is very important for the health of your eyes is getting approximately eight hours worth of sleep each night.  You eyes will stay in better condition if they are well-rested.  Currently if you are taking enough breaks while you are working or sleeping enough at night, try out these suggestions for a week or so to see what difference they can make for you.

Perform Eye Exercises

A great way to improve your eyesight quickly and naturally is to perform eye exercises on a daily basis. Eye exercises to improve natural clear vision are intended to improve vision and strengthen the eyes.  Performing eye exercises may even eliminate you needing glasses or contacts.  Set up a regular schedule for performing eye exercises.  Then do them on a daily basis.  It will get you into the habit of doing the exercises, and it will also help with achieving better vision quickly.

To get started, apply heat first to your eyes.  Rub your palms together.  Then put your hands over your eyes.  Hold them there for five to ten seconds.  Repeat.  Before performing eye exercise, do this first to help prepare your eyes.

To get started, roll your eyes.  It’s actually one of the easiest of all eye exercises.  Look up as far as possible without straining your eyes.  Then, look down.  You should repeat this exercise ten times.  Then look to each side and repeat this ten times.  Next, look in both diagonal directions.  Then finally, roll your eyes clockwise ten times and also counter-clockwise ten times.

Find a pen.  Hold it an arm length way at eye level.  Focus on the pen tip as you are moving closer towards your eyes.  When you are approximately six inches from your face, stop.  Then focus on the pen tip as you are returning it to arm’s length again.  Do this very slowly.  Focus on the pen tip.  Repeat this ten times.

After you finish exercising, massage your eyes.  Massage your temples first using a knuckle or your fingertips.  Move in several times in using a clockwise motion.  Then switch over to counter clockwise.  Massage under your eyes and above your eyebrows.

When you have finished exercising and massaging, once again apply some heat to your eyes.  Rub your pals together and apply them to your eyes.  If you have very tired eyes, close them for a couple of minutes to rest.  It is very important to rest your eyes quite frequently.  It helps to preserve your eyes health.

Building a Storage Shed for Your Things

storage shedIf you’re like most people, you have amassed a serious amount of material objects throughout your life, and some of them may be hard to part with. The alternative to parting with your stuff, however, can mean living with clutter than makes it hard to navigate your home or paying for expensive storage that can seriously deplete your bank account balance. What you may not have considered yet is that there is one viable option that won’t hamper your living space or your wallet. Building a shed may be just the solution for you.

While it is possible to buy a shed that is completely premade, it can be costly to do so and is not always your best option. If you make your own, you can build it to your own specifications and desires. You can determine the exact size and shape and install the right fixtures based on your needs. This will ensure that you have enough shelves and cabinets to house all your precious belongings.

The best place to start is with do it yourself storage building plans.

Typically, shed walls are made from wood, and the foundation may be concrete. Building a shed is not a difficult undertaking as long as you have the right tools and know how to use them. You will find it super easy to do if you are an experienced builder, but knowing the basics is all that is really required. If you’re a beginner with some knowledge, you’ll still find it relatively easy and a great learning experience.

There are some things you need to think about before you begin building. For instance, are you going to use the shed just to store your home’s overflow of stuff, or do you also want to be able to use it for garden tools and the like? Knowing what you’re going to want it for will help you determine how big is should be. Whatever the size you need, also make sure it is going to fit in the area in which it will reside.

The area should also be clear of underground wiring, cabling, and piping. Inadvertently erecting a shed in such an area will make it tough to perform maintenance on those items should the need arise.

Once you know how big your shed is going to be and where you are going to put it, think about what you will need to complete the project. Make a list of all materials, including the lumber and cement as well as hardware like nails and hinges. Add needed tools to the list, such as a hammer and saw. Then, estimate how much the shed is going to cost you in terms of materials you need to buy as well as tools that you don’t already own.

Start by leveling the foundation. The floor must be properly nailed to the blocks. Once you have the floor stabilized, form a frame by putting up the walls. When those are done, do the roof. As you’re building, don’t forget to make accommodations for the entrance and windows. You can buy a kit to help with this if needed, but they can be pricey.

If you do want help, there are all kinds of books and Internet sites that can assist. You can even find existing plans that you can tailor to meet your needs. A good book on carpentry may help you to build the perfect frame. At the very least, it will expose you to the different styles that you can choose from.

Before actualizing your shed, be sure to take into account local building ordinances. A building permit may be required in your area, and failure to obey local ordinances can result in fines and/or delays in building.

Once you have the structure built to your satisfaction, all that is left to do is to add the shelves, cabinets, and other fixtures and decorate it as you see fit. You can even paint it so that it complements your landscape, making it as beautiful as it is functional.

Helping Fish Survive in Their Aquaponics System

best fish for aquaponicsThe process of “raising” fish is not an easy one. They are fragile creatures, and it is important to both do your research on these pets and to get experience with them in order to be successful. In contrast to large animals, like cats or dogs, even the smallest change in the environment can affect a fish. You may think that the fish is fine early in the day, only to find that they have died without you realizing that anything was even wrong.

Regardless of what type of system the fish are in, it is a struggle to keep them healthy. However, an aquaponics gardening system is particularly difficult until you learn the ropes. Many people lose a lot of fish as the system stabilizes. However, there are a few things you can do to avoid this in your own home.

When you first bring your fish home, watch them throughout the day. Keep up with your vigil as much as possible throughout the first week. Take note of their personalities, and if there is one fish that doesn’t seem to fit in with the rest, find him a new home. You want all of the fish to be as comfortable as possible.

Feed the fish often. When fish are not in a tank, they eat around the clock. Therefore, for the best chance of success, you want to mimic their natural environment. If possible, put feed in the tank every hour. However, do not put too much in there. Many people feed their fish too much without realizing it. If you accidentally drop in more than the fish need, use a scoop to get out the excess. Before you know it, your fish will grow and get stronger.

Use good fish meal for your pets. Obviously, you can’t constantly feed your fish smaller fish, so you have to use fish meal as a substitute. Since this is the only nourishment the fish will receive, you want to make sure it is healthy and nutritious. As an added benefit, their feces will help to nourish the aquaponics plants in their environment as well.

When you buy your fish, research the needs of the specific pets you own. For example, you may need to vary the water temperature based on the type of fish you have. All fish, however, will need clean water in order to survive. Don’t assume that just because you have everything set up correctly one week that it will stay that way. Water evaporates, which means that each day you have to put a little more in the system. Set out a jug with water in it so that you always have some handy. Allowing it to sit out for a few days at a time will help get rid of any chemicals in the water.

Don’t put too many fish in your tank. While it may be tempting to fill the water with as many of these beautiful creatures as you can, they will not thrive in such an environment. Consider how large your container is and make a decision on the number of fish you purchase based on that. If you miscalculate, you will notice that the fish are going to the surface often to try and get air. This happens because the water is not providing the oxygen they need due to overcrowding. If the situation is not rectified, they will die.

Educating yourself about the aquaponics system is really your best bet, as there are books or Internet videos that can help you figure out what to do with your system. No matter what, you want to give your fish the best chance of survival possible.

Some of the best fish for aquaponics include Tilapia, Trout, Perch, and Koi